Where to catch Blue-blooded Barb in New World

The fish are biting today.

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The Blue-blooded Barb is a legendary fish that you can catch in New World. The legendary fish are some of the most difficult ones to capture in the game, and you can expect to spend quite a bit of time searching for the best fishing locations to acquire them. You’ll want to regularly find them to sell at a local trading post or cook them in one of the best cooking recipes in the game. In this guide, we’re going to detail where you need to go to capture a Blue-blooded Barb in New World and best practices to follow when fishing for it.

When attempting to catch a Blue-blooded Barb, you’ll want to work your way through the Reekwater region. Therefore, we’ve listed out all of the Fishing Hotspot locations you can find in that region, giving you the best chance to catch it.

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Because Reekwater is a higher-level region, you can expect to find several of the best fishing hotspots in New World. Four fishing locations are surrounding Forecastle Drift located to the south part of the region. This is likely the best area to search for capturing this fish and rotating between the four Fishing Hotspots. Alternatively, you can hit the coast on the east side of Reekwater, so long as you have enough Glowworm Bait in your inventory to catch the Blue-blooded Bard.

For both areas, you want to make sure you bring plenty of Firefly and Glowworm bait. These will increase your chances of finding the rarer fish in New World. You also want to land your reel in ideal Fishing Hotspots, and you can quickly locate those based on the fishing jumping into the air centered at a specific location in the water.