Where to find a root and a fruit in Bugnsax

Close encounters.


Image via Sony

Wampus reckons he can make more Bugsnax, but to try his experiment he will need you to find a root Bugnsax and a fruit Bugsnax.You can actually find both of them very close together if you make your way back to Flavor Falls, the very first area of the game. You will need to visit it during the day to be able to get both of the Bugsnax that you need.

As you arrive in Flavor Falls, turn right and you will see a White Rootle or a normal Rootle crawling around in a circle. Which type you see will vary depending on the time of day. Catch these guys is quite easy as they don’t tend to stray from their path. Use your scanner to scan them, then place your Snak Trap on the highlighted path that will be revealed. Stand back, and wait for the White Rootle to crawl under the trap, then catch it. 

From there, if you turn up the river you will see a Strabby hanging around near the bush. Walk up to it and it will run into the bush, then set up your Snak Trap right beside it. Back up a bit and the Strabby will come back out, and you can grab it in your trap.

There are lots of different Bugsnax to find in Flavor Falls during the day, so it’s a good idea to try and scan them while you are here. You can find a Pinkly wandering around, and a Sandopede will be running through the area as well. If you check the walls you may even find a Twisty Snakpod, but these are quite small and easy to miss. You can also catch these with your net.