Where to find and light all the flares in Snaxburg – Get Lit – Bugsnax

Light ’em up.


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One of the mission in Bugsnax is to light all the flares in Snaxburg. Snopry will set them up to try and protect the town from some unseen threat. To light them, you need to pick up a basketball that you can find lying near Snorpy, beside the lumber mill. The first flare is there, already lit.

Hold the basketball up to the flare and it will catch on fire, and you can bring it to the next flare. Continue this process, relighting the burning ball whenever it goes out.

Flare #1

The first flare is right beside the farm, you can see it from the already lit flare if you look between the buildings.

Flare #2

The second flare is in Wampus’ Bugsnax patch.

Flare #3

The third flare can be found up near your crashed airship.

Flare #4

The fourth flare can be found near Wiggles house.

Flare #5

The fifth flare can be a little awkward. You can find it on the top of Elizabert and Eggabell’s house, but the basketball will probably go out. You can light the campfire and use this as a starting point.

Flare #6

The final flare is on Filbo’s roof, you will need to toss the burning basketball across to light it.

When you have all the flares lit, return to Snorpy and speak with him to end the mission.