Where to find Chandlo’s basketballs in Bugsnax

Hard in the paint.


Image via Sony

When you first arrive in Sugarpine Woods, you will meet Chandlo. He has a problem, and need help getting his basketballs back. Thankfully, you can help him out with the new device that his friend Snorpy gives you. 

The Snak Grapple will shoot a hook great distances, grabbing items, and bring them back to you. There are a few basket balls hidden around the area, but you only need to get three of them and put them back in the large basket that is in Chandlo‚Äôs basketball area. 

The first can be found stuck between the rim and the backboard of one of the hoops. 

The second can be found out on the rocks out to the right.

The third will involve some walking. Use the Snak Grapple to pull down the bridge on the right side of the area, then walk up and shoot it at the top of the broken wall section. You will pull down the rocks and be able to walk outside. Go up the steps and then turn left, walking past the point where you first dropped into the basketball area. 

Drop down into the woods and take out your scanner and scan the trees ahead of you. There will be a basketball stuck in the trees that will only be visible on the scanner. Switch to the Snak Grappler and grab it, then use the bounce pad behind you to jump back up to the other area and go back to Chandlo.