Where to Find Cramorant in Pokémon Sword and Shield


Cramorant is a Flying and Water-type in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Many players likely encounter it for the first time against Hop in the middle of the game. It does not evolve into anything, and it is weak to Electric and Rock-type attacks.

It has the unique ability of Gulp Missile. Whenever the Pokémon uses the attack surf or dive, it comes back with a Pokémon in its mouth, which it can then fire at its opponent during a fight. The type of Pokémon it comes back in its mouth does change.

You have a few chances to find it throughout the game. You can find it wandering around the Overworld in the Wild Area, specifically the Bridge Field and Stony Wilderness, while it’s raining. Your chances are meager, though, at a two percent chance for Bridge Field and five percent for the Stony Wilderness.

The final area in the Wild Area is on Lake of Outrage, which you can access after you have the Rotom Bicycle upgrade to cross water. Although, it shows up only as an exclamation point, so you won’t know if that’s what it is until you battle it.

There are other locations you can find Cramorant in different areas of the game. You have the chance to see him on Route 9 and in Circhester Bay, on the same route. You have a significantly higher opportunity of capturing it, and it does spawn for any weather. If you’re genuinely after this Pokémon, Route 9 might be your best to add it to your collection.

Cramorant also has a Max Raid available, but because of how many Pokémon can show up in the raid, you have a better chance of capturing it almost anywhere else.