Where to find dragon flame sac in Tales of Arise

That dastardly dragon.

Image via Bandai Namco

In a similar fashion to our Tales of Arise lizard fin guide, this is one of the game’s rarer crafting materials. It can only be obtained as a drop from the Vandal Dragon enemy type. You need two dragon flame sacs to craft Shionne’s Refined Ignis Roar, making it her eighth craftable weapon. It also costs 4,080 gold to craft. The Vandal Dragon hangs around two specific locations – one within the optional Adan Lake and the other aboard the story-critical Mobile Fortress Gradia.

Adan Lake is one of the game’s few missable areas as no story mission takes players to this map. When out and about Aqfotle Hills, use the south exit to reach Adan Lake. To find the Vandal Dragon’s Adan Lake location, head toward its eastern-most edge. The area is signified by a circle within a circle on the map. The smaller circle is a structure that houses the Vandal Dragon along with some grunts.

The Mobile Fortress Gradia location is impossible to miss, though. In order to progress through the critical path, players will need to interact with a terminal on the boat deck. A Dragon Vandal blocks your path to the terminal, making this encounter unmissable. As with any other enemy, you can leave maps and/or fast travel back and forth to reset spawns at Adan Lake for farming. We could not get the Mobile Fortress Gradia location to respawn.

Screenshot by Gamepur