Where to find lizard fin in Tales of Arise

Don’t miss these easily farmable resources.

Image via Bandai Namco

Lizard fins are one of the more rare resources in Tales of Arise. Whereas something like a bizarre megacore drops from several enemies, the lizard fin only drops from the Creepzilla enemy type. You need lizard fins to craft the following weapons:

  • Refined Blackthorn – Shionne
  • Taming Waters: 2nd Ed. – Rinwell
  • Tenebris Staff – Dohalim

This resource becomes attainable shortly after Dohalim joins your party. After setting off toward Mahag Saar, you’ll come upon the destroyed city of Niez. You find that its ruler has been run out of the city, prompting you to chase after her in a nearby forest.

Obtaining the lizard fin

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you’re let loose from Niez to search for the ruler, you’ll notice a fork in the path toward the south of Aqfotle Hills. Taking this path brings you to Adan Lake. It’s a large map with a fishing spot and camping site. More importantly, though, there are four Creepzilla’s roaming this map. You get at least one guaranteed lizard fin drop from each Creepzilla encounter.

Keep in mind that these massive beasts are level 27 so you may want to do some grinding before intensive farming if you’re not equipped. We recommend moving back and forth between Adan Lake and Aqfotle Hills to keep your chain bonus going as long as possible for extra experience per fight. The camping site at Adan Lake also happens to sit right beside two of the Creepzillas, making it a low-stakes farming location.