Where to find Dragonhusk Shard in Monster Hunter Rise

A bone to pick.

With dozen of different weapon types, each with multiple different upgrade possibilities, Monster Hunter Rise involves plenty of resource gathering. In the early game, it can be quite confusing, as you will be able to see the resources that you need to progress your weapon when speaking to the blacksmith, but will have no idea how to get them.

To progress weapons in the Bone Tree, one of the resources that you will need is Dragonhusk Shard. To get Dragonhusk shard you will need to search Bonepiles that can be found in the various areas of the game.

The bad news is that the bonepiles in Shrine Ruins will not contain Dragonhusk Shards, they will only start to appear from bonepiles once you get to the Frost Islands, the games second area.

To progress to the point where you can visit the Frost Islands, just keep doing Village quests at the one star level until you do enough to get access to the two star quests. Doing each one star quest once should be enough to get access to them, at which point you can select any two start quest that is set in the Frost Islands to search for bonepiles.

As always, when you start the quest the map will be completely covered in fog, so have marked the bonepile locations above with red map pins so that you will know exactly where to go to find the Dragonhusk Shards you need to progress your Bone Tree weapons.