Where To Find Dreepy In Pokemon Sword and Shield


Finding Pokemon is what Sword and Shield are all about. As you travel through the game, you will run into all kinds of different Pokemon. But what if you want to find a Dreepy? In this guide, we will show you where to go to get a Dreepy added to your Pokedex.

Where To Find Dreepy In Pokemon Sword and Shield

To find Dreepy, you will need to head to the Lake of Outrage, which you can find on the map between Route 5 and Route 6. The only problem is that the Lake of Outrage is cut off by a river. To get to the area, you need to have completed the sixth Gym Challenge, as this will give you a bicycle that can travel on water, allowing you to access the area.

Dreepy will only appear in the area when the weather is Thunderstorm, Overcast, or Heavy Fog. Dreepy is not an Overworld encounter, so you need to watch out for the small exclamation marks that can appear, letting you know a Pokemon is there. When you see one, run into engagement range to start the Battle and find out what Pokemon it is. Dreepy has a very small encounter chance, so you might have to spend a lot of time in the area before you find one.

There are also reports that you can find Dreepy’s evolution, Drakloak, in the same area, under the same weather conditions, as an Overworld encounter, but I cannot confirm this at this time.

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