Where to Find Muskie in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Muskie

Animals are all over the United States in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can capture in multiple ways, and a more casual approach to hunting is to go fishing. You can catch an array of fish all over the game, and you might be on the search for muskie. There are multiple locations to fish for them.

If you’re searching for Muskie, you’ll want to toss your fishing rod into the water and check out these locations.

  • The Northern tip of Brandywine Drop
  • Calumet Ravine
  • Heartland Overflow
  • Lake Isabella
  • North and South of Van Horn Trading Post
  • Owanjila

For those who need a little more visualization than reading these names, check out the map and start scouting out those areas in Red Dead Redemption 2. A muskie will give you a bit of trouble when you’re reeling it in while you fish. The best approach to capturing one is not to use any bait. Instead, you want to rely on a Lake Lure to obtain it. If you cut it up, it contains Flaky Fish Meat, and you can sell one for a base price of $4.00

However, some players might be on the hunt for the Legendary Muskie. If you’re looking to capture this elusive fish, you want to look for it at the Van Horn Trading Post, the location to the furthest east on the map. When you get there, go to the lighthouse on the southern side of Van Horn and pick up a Special River Lure. You need to use this to capture this fearsome prey, and it’s going to give you a challenge of attempting to bring it and add to your growing collection.

Feel free to capture and sell as many muskies as you want during your travels.