Where to find Orange Peelbugs for Gramble – Roll Out – Bugsnax

Citrus goodness.


Image via Sony

After you meet Gramble down at the beach and find the new Buggy Ball mechanic you get to play with, you will need to find three Orange Peelbugs that ran off. They are Gramble’s friends, so he wants to get them back safe and sound. 

All you know is that they like to hide in holes on the beach, and it is up to you to find them. The first one is easy to find. If you turn around, you will see an Orange Peelybug on a sign, and two holes on either side. This is where the first bug is hiding.

Set up your trap in front of one of the holes, and then send the Buggy Ball in the other by pointing at it and hitting the R2 button. The Buggy Ball will scare the Orange Peelbug out the other side, so quickly switch to the Snak Trap and activate it when the bug is in range. 

To find the next bug, take a left and walk until you hit the beach again. On the left side, you will find two more holes, and you can repeat the process here to get the second bug. 

For the final bug, you can just turn around and you will see a tree trunk about halfway up the beach. This is hollow, and the Orange Peelbug is hiding inside. Set up your Snak Trap at one end, and send the Buggy Ball in the other to repeat the process and grab it. When you have them all, return to Gramble. 

If at any point your Snak Trap gets too full, you can simply release one of the bugs but make sure you don’t release one of the Orange Peelbugs you need to bring back to Gramble.