Where to find Ore Veins in Minecraft

A nice mix of riches.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ore Veins are long strains of resources that you may encounter when traveling underground in Minecraft. Depending on where you are in your world, you can come across various kinds of blocks in these snake-like patterns of minerals. Coming across one can be a welcomed sight for anyone who has been digging their way through so many tunnels and ravines and dealing with various hostile mobs. Here is what you should watch out for to find Ore Veins in Minecraft.

To find Ore Veins in Minecraft, you will need to do a lot of exploring underground in tunnels and ravines. Eventually, you will come across areas with more ore veins than usual. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell what is an Ore Vein and what is just a traditional room filled with various ores because they mix in so many rock blocks like Granite or Tuff. We do not recommend looking only for the Ore Veins but rather allow it to be a surprise on one of your journeys.

The best course of action to come across one will be to find an opening into a tunnel or ravine and follow it as far as it goes and be sure to pay attention to all walls, floors, and ceilings for ores. When you reach the end, dig a pathway to a new tunnel. You may also want to expand the walls of the cave you are in because Ore Veins can continue through them.

It is also important to remember your current place in the Y coordinate when looking for Ore Veins. If you are above 0, you will mostly find Copper mixed in Granite. Anything below 0 will be mostly Iron with various other resources mixed in Tuff.