Where to Find Pincurchin in Pokémon Sword and Shield


In Pokémon Sword and Shield, Pincurchin is an Electric-type, which makes it weak against Ground-types, and strong against Flying and Steel-types. Pincurchin doesn’t have an evolution, but it does have an Attack stat of over 100, making it potentially valuable if you find it at the right time.

You can find Pincurchin on Route 9. It’s a hidden spawn, meaning you will need to search through the grass for exclamation marks, then start the encounter to see which Pokémon you’ve found. Pincurchin has a 5 percent spawn rate but, thankfully, will spawn in all weather conditions.

If you find Pincurchin on Route 9, it will spawn at level 38 to 42, but it can spawn at level 39 to 43 near Circhester Bay.

When its health has been reduced enough to make catching it easier, hit X to bring up the option to throw a Poké Ball, and select which one you wish to use. It should be pretty easy to catch with a standard Poké Ball if you lower its health enough.

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