Where to Find Police Chases for Outlaw Missions in Need for Speed 2015

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To Become an Outlaw you need to be a trouble maker in the city where messing and escaping from cops are an underground race or pushing it out of their limits is all your goal, but you need cops to increase your heat. Here is where you’ll find the Police chases in Need For Speed 2015.

Need For Speed

If you haven’t unlocked the Outlaw Missions yet then don’t worry we have a separate guide for unlocking the Missions, check them out Here.

So to enter the heat zone you need some cops to hunt first and it’s very difficult to hunt cops with a low-level heat. It’s very important to maintain a continuous streak of the police chase for long time, wither you need to slow down for more police to join to locate them via mini-map.

To make it easier, we have located few locations where the cops do spawn and you can start your pursuit from there itself. During you Outlaw mission with your group you can directly head towards the South of the Navy Pier in South Port. We have marked the location where the cops do spawn every minute.

need-for-speed-police-chase-1.jpg need-for-speed-police-chase-2.jpg

You’ll Find him Under the Freeway, it’s a single police cruiser waiting for us off-road. If you don’t see a police car at that very place than he might be chasing some other player for that time. At this time, all you need to do it head straight and come back in a minute or so the area will respawn him again at that same position. If you have any locations to add do let us know in the comment section below.