Where to find Ram’s Head in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Image via Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption 2 assigns daily missions to its players. These can vary from killing a certain animal, or amount of players, to fetch quests. One such quest is finding and gathering a set amount of Ram’s Head.

Ram’s Head is a type of fungi that grows throughout the map. It usually appears in batches of three to four. The in-game guide mentions it can be found growing at the base of tree trunks in West Elizabeth and Ambarino. While that gives the player some idea on where to find them, finding any herb in this game requires keen eyes, on top of the location.

A video shows several locations. We’ve compiled a series of handy maps to help you pinpoint these exact locations.

Ram’s Head Location in Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2 Map

All Ram’s Head Locations

This is likely not a complete map, just a very thorough one. There are places yet undiscovered where this subtle little fungi may be hidden. While the game and RankedBoost may say that Ram’s Head can be found in West Elizabeth and Ambarino, it’s not limited to just these two locations. It can be found over most of the northern half of the map; West Elizabeth, Strawberry, Cumberland Forest, and North Annesburg.

Map of Strawberry in Red Dead Redemption 2

West Elizabeth – Strawberry

West Elizabeth is huge. We had to do different maps for these to make sure all the locations were visible. First up is Strawberry. You’re probably very familiar with this area after the main storyline.

There are three Ram’s Head locations around Strawberry. The nearest is just north of the city and into the mountains a little. If that doesn’t yield results, others can be found off the road further south.

Map showing ram's head locations in West Elizabeth

West Elizabeth – North

There are two just northwest of Wallace Station in West Elizabeth. Follow the road by the river until it splits north. Take that short road and you’ll find yourself in a forest. You’ll need to make use of your character’s Eagle Eye ability to isolate the fungi in the brush.

West Elizabeth – Diablo Ridge

Two more small clusters can be found by Diablo Ridge. The first is very close to where the writing appears on the map. The other is further southeast. Once you’ve found these two, head east. You will see a deer marked on your map here. It is very close to this marking.

Ram's Head locations in Cumberland Forest

Ambarino – Cumberland Forest

Despite the game’s insistence that it can be found in Ambarino, there is only a small cluster in Cumberland Forest. Three different patches grow near the roads in the forest. Again, you may need to make use of your Eagle Eye ability to find them.

Map of Annesburg showing rams head locations in RDR2


There are five more batches of Ram’s Head in Annesburg, with most of them located north of Brandywine Drop. The first two are very far north, near the edge of the map. Follow the river up north, past the railroad, to find these.

A third cluster of Ram’s Head can be found near the heart of Brandywine Drop, just north of the location and slightly east of the river.

The other two are further south, near the Roanoke Valley. There is another animal indicator on your map here, for a cougar. It is near this marker.

The final location is further up the road. Follow the path a ways and after a second curve in the road, head north into the wilderness to find the last patch of Ram’s Head.

Ram’s Head is scattered throughout the map in Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s often clustered together near other patches of it. Once you’re used to the environment it favors, you’ll find other spots we may not have found yet.