Where to find Saku in Temtem

Saku can be a powerful member of your squad.


Image via Crema

Saku is a Nature and Wind-type Temtem that is currently considered a solid option for your squad because of its high defensive stats and access to some very hard-hitting techniques. The good news is that there are two ways to get Saku. You can either catch it in the wild or evolve it from Kaku. If you have a Kaku, which you can find very early in the game near Brical de Mar, you can evolve it into Saku after 11 level-ups.

Saku will do double damage to Fire-type and Mental-type Temtem, half damage to Water, Nature, and Wind-type Temtem, and quarter damage to Earth-type Temtem. Saku will also have different traits, depending on whether the Temtem was evolved or caught in the wild. A wild Saku will have Air Specialist and Botanist traits, while an evolved Saku will have Caffeinated and Mithridatism.

You can also find Saku in the following locations as wild encounters in the long grass:

  • The Gifted Bridges on the island of Deniz. Saku will spawn at level 10-12
  • The Canopath on the island of Omninesia. Saku will spawn at level 17

Saku Stats

  • HP – 82
  • Attack – 40
  • Defense – 62
  • Stamina – 60
  • Speed – 40
  • Special Attack – 66
  • Special Defence – 70


From Leveling

LevelNameTypeClassDamageStamina CostPriority
1Shy ShieldNeutralStatus4Fast
3Toxic SporesToxicStatus9Slow
8UrushiolToxicPhysical418 Medium
11Sharp LeafNaturePhysical507 Medium
14Wind BurstWindSpecial9012 Medium
18Narcopleptic HitMentalPhysical14015Slow
30Allergic SpreadNatureSpecial5818 Medium

Technique Courses

TC#NameTypeClassDamageStamina CostPriority
4Wake UpNeutralPhysical1Very Fast
7Noxious BombToxicPhysical10020Medium
16Held AngerNeutralPhysical13012Slow