How to defeat the Mantor Wyrm in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

Burn the Mantor Wyrm to a crisp in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The Mantor Wyrm is the fourth boss fight in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, which you can find in The Lava Ruins. While it is not the final boss, it proves to be more of a challenge than the previous bosses before it. The Mantor Wyrm sits in volcanic lava while attacking from a distance and up close, having one of the more diverse arsenals of moves to keep on your feet.

As a physical attack, the Mantor Wyrm will lunge its head across the screen, requiring you to stay in the air for as long as you can unless you want to take damage. The wyrm also has a move similar to the Lode Golem where it shoots a projectile (giant fireball) towards you, which can be deflected by Garoo. It will do the same attack after reaching half health that will come out even quicker, so you must anticipate it faster than before. You know when it is preparing the attack as a giant ball will rise through its mouth before the wyrm shoots it at you.

There are times when the Mantor Wyrm will recede into the lava. When it emerges, a fireball will fly out of the lava with it and will land randomly on the screen. The Mantor Wyrm will also shoot several fireballs down from the sky at once. Like the Hollow Plant and Lode Golem bosses from before, you will know where the fireballs will land thanks to the red pillars of light that appear beforehand. The Mantor Wyrm has no shield or weakness, so all you need to focus on is getting in hits while you can.

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