Where to find Serrice Ice Brandy for Doctor Chakwas in Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition

A toast to old friends.

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Not everyone went down with the ship when the Normandy fell at the start of Mass Effect. In Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition, you can reunite with Doctor Chakwas, your chief medical officer, in the Normandy 2’s medical area. She’ll be delighted to see you once again, and if the pair of you talk enough, she’ll share how she used to have a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy in the previous Normandy. If you’re up for tracking it down, you can locate it again to make a new ship feel a little bit more like home.

There are multiple opportunities to purchase a bottle for Doctor Chakwas during your adventure in Mass Effect 2. The quickest way to grab it is to return to Omega, and head into the Afterlife club. It’ll be the club where you can speak with Aria whenever you need to receive information from her on Omega. When you enter the club, go to the right side of the room and there will be a bar. On the counter of the bar will be a bottle of brandy you can interact with. By clicking on it, you’ll receive an option to purchase the Serrice Ice Brandy, and then you can take it back to Doctor Chakwas.

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When you bring it back to Doctor Chakwas, she’ll be overjoyed to see it. She offers to open and share some with you, which you can choose to partake in. If you don’t, you’ll walk away from the conversation. If you do, both you and Chakwas will share in the brandy and remanence about those who were once on the Normandy and who are no longer with you. Regardless of your choice, you’ll earn a Medi-gel capacity increase.

Should you choose to partake in the drink with Doctor Chakwas, she’ll ask you to share another in Mass Effect 3.