Where to find String Beans in New World

A stringy ingredient.

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String Beans are an essential ingredient you’ll be using in New World to complete many more complicated recipes. The problem with obtaining String Beans is learning where to find them, and you can only locate them in specific regions of the game. This guide will break down all areas you can discover String Beans in New World and what container you need to search to locate them.

The only way for you to find String Beans is to loot provision crates. You can only find provision crates close to the landmarks and named locations in New World. However, all provision crates have a chance for certain ingredients to drop, so you won’t find the same ingredients dropping in First Light as you would in Everfall. When you’re searching for String Beans, you need to find provision crates in the Ebonscale Reach, Everfall, and Reekwater.

Ebonscale Reach

When searching in Ebonscale Reach, you’ll want to be at least level between 51 and 60. If you’re running with other characters who can defeat the enemies from this region, there are plenty of provision crates for you to find, but you’re better off sticking to a lower level area.

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Everfall is probably the best region for most players to seek out String Beans. It’s a low level area that almost anyone should be able to search for, but it doesn’t feature too many provision crates. The ones you can find are mostly in the north, and they’re clustered together.

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Reekwater is another high level region, and it contains even features even stronger foes than the ones you find in Ebonscale. This will probably be one of the last areas you want to visit to find String Beans, but they have excellent drops.

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