Where to find the IWHBYD Skull in Halo Infinite

Did they really just say that?

Halo players love Skulls, and thankfully they are back in Halo Infinite. Skulls act as modifiers that players can turn off or on to make their game more difficult, easier or just more fun. The IWHBYD Skill will cause rare combat dialogue to become more common, for example.

To get the IWHBYD Skull, players will need to make their way to The Tower, which is located to the northwest of FOB Golf, the first FOB that players will take over as part of the camping.

Getting to the Skull can be awkward, and players should consider investing some Spartan Cores in their Grappling Hook, getting it to the point where the cooldown is reduced in order to be able to climb the Tower.

On the outside of the Tower, players will notice long slanted support legs that they can easily climb. Once they get as high as possible, they will need to grapple to the edge of the overhanging roof, swing around it, then fire their grapple again to grasp the top of the overhang, pulling themselves up to the roof.

While this is possible to do without the cooldown upgrade, it is much easier to do with it, so go and grab some Spartan Cores if you need to. These act as upgrade points that can be used to improve your equipment.