Where to find the keyring and the screwdriver in Resident Evil Village

Lock and key.

Screenshot via Capcom YouTube

During the early hours of Resident Evil Village, players will find themselves in a very dangerous position. After seeking safety in a house, someone inside succumbed to a werewolf’s bite, attacking all around them. The house was set ablaze in the struggle, and now players need to escape.

They will find themselves trapped with Elena in a room with a truck, and the only hope of escaping is to start the truck and drive it out of there. To do this, they will need some keys.

If players follow the room all the way to the kitchen, they will find a note on the counter that says they can find a screwdriver on the key ring. This is vitally important, as the screwdriver is needed to get the Demon Crest. The keyring can be found in a drawer on the left side of the sink in the kitchen.

When players grab the truck key, they will be able to turn it around to look at the back. Here they will see a clasp that they will be able to interact with when looking directly at it. Interacting with the clasp will free the screwdriver, and players will then have both the items that they need to progress the story.

By returning to the truck, they can use the key to turn it on, driving it through the walls. Eventually, after some more storyline has unfolded, they will find themselves outside where they can use the screwdriver to get the Demon Crest.