Where to find the Mysterious Stranger, Madame Oliva, Grace, Tallulah, and the Ferryman in Sea of Thieves

The most famous of characters.

There are multiple NPCs you can meet and interact with within Sea of Thieves. The NPCs you find at the outposts are similar copies of the other, with many appearing to be the same. For example, several Merchant Alliance members have a similar appearance but a different name. There’s a challenge in Sea of Thieves’ Season One content where you need to speak with specific individuals. You’ll find that you need to visit certain outposts to speak with Madame Oliva, Grace, and Tallulah. However, the Mysterious Stranger and Ferryman are always the same.

Madame Oliva location

You can find Madame Oliva at Plunder Outpost. She is the island’s representative for the Order of Souls trading company. You can speak to her to obtain purchase voyages to earn treasure and standing with the trading company. You can also choose to speak to her about the bones she wishes to break, which is that of the skeletons. Plunder Outpost is between tiles J and K18.

Grace location

You can find Grace at the Morrow’s Peak Outpost, which she founded. She’ll be standing outside the entrance of the island’s bar, the Charred Parrot. Grace has a fire attire on, and you can talk to her about Stitcher Jim, and she ended up at Morrow’s Peak. The outpost is on tile V17.

Tallulah location

You can find Tallulah at the Morrow’s Peak Outpost. She’s going to be tending bar inside the Charred Parrot. You can talk to her about refilling your tankard or what it’s like to tend bar at one of the more dangerous locations in the Sea of Thieves. Tallulah is on the same island location as Grace, on V17.

Mysterious Stranger location

The Mysterious Stranger can be found at any of the tavern locations at an outpost. You can do this when you immediately start the game, and they’ll be standing at the back of the bar, next to the table where you can start the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale.

Ferryman location

The Ferryman will also have the same location, on their ship, when you die. You can visit them whenever you perish in the game, so you may want to choose a safe time for you to die, such as when all of your crewmates are on the ship or when you first start the game. Once you die, you have to offer your soul to the Ferryman, and then you will appear on his ghost ship. He’s going to be at the top of the ship, directing it. You can speak to him at any time before returning to the land of the living.