Where to find the Nature Sprites, and become their friend in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Helping hands.

Nature Sprites

The greatest enemy you will face in Story of Seasons: Friend of Mineral Town is time, but thankfully there are some friendly folks nearby who will be willing to help you out if you can befriend them. It is best to start working on this the second you start the game, as having help from the Nature Sprites is invaluable.

The Division 2 Artwork

You can find the Nature Sprites behind the church, in a small hut at the very top right corner of the map. Before you head there, you will first need to stop off the general store and pick up a couple of very cheap items in the form of some wheat flour. Grab seven bags, one for each of the Nature Sprites.

Now, visit the Nature Sprites at their hut, and highlight the wheat flour in your inventory using the right thumbstick. Walk up to each of the Sprites in turn, giving them a bad of wheat flour each. They will thank you for the present, and say they really like it. Do this every day for a few days, and eventually, you will get the Sprites to level up their relationship with you, and they will be willing to help you out.

The Nature Sprites can do the following tasks:

  • Water your crops
  • Harvest your craps
  • Care for your animals

Each Sprite can be assigned a different job, and you can play mini-games with them to help them improve their ability to do each task over time. The most useful one is getting them to water your crops, as this is a very time-consuming task compared to harvesting or looking after animals in the early game. Getting them to help you water the crops will definitely give you plenty of time each day to do all your other tasks, and get to grips with farm life.