Where to find Umbra’s Musings at the Fort of the Damned in Sea of Thieves Fate of the Damned – Dead Letters challenge

Umbra’s musings are somewhere on Fort of the Damned.

Sea of Thieves

The second week of challenges for the Fate of the Damned celebration in Sea of Thieves has begun. This week, you’ll be doing quite a bit of the same, but visiting new locations all over the game. This time, you need to find Umbra’s Notes, but they’re located at the Fort of the Damned. While normally it features a raid, you can still visit it even when it’s not active, but be careful incase other players are at it attempting to complete the raid.

You can find the Fort of the Damned island on tile L 14. It’s to the northwest of Crook’s Hollow.

The island is not the best location to find these musings, but when you reach the location and explore around, you should be able to locate what you’re trying to find. You can find it in the tower on the southwest portion of the map. It’ll be next to the ladder.

Players have likely already visited the Fort of the Damned fairly often, so you can head over here to grab the notes whenever you’re attempting a Fort of the Damned raid. You may also venture over to Fort of the Damned while visiting Crook’s Hollow to complete this week’s beacons. One of them is located on the Crook’s Hollow island.