Where to get Butterfly Beetle in Monster Hunter Rise

It’s a rare beetle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You need to gather up and harvest several resources in Monster Hunter Rise to make up your armor and weapons in the game. You’ll regularly roam the regions hunting down monsters, grabbing bugs and plants to add to your inventory. You’ll need to do this pretty often to craft the best gear and make amazing to keep yourself and your teammates alive during fights. For those having trouble attempting to find the Butterfly Beetle in Monster Hunter Rise, it’s a little bit more complicated than you think, but not impossible.

The only way we’ve discovered that you can acquire any Butterfly Beetles is by having one of your Palico or Palamute buddies trading with Argosy. You can do this by completing quests for her in the Buddy Area and unlocking the three submarines. You don’t need all three. One will do, but it helps to have more if you’re hunting for this beetle.

Once you have your submarine and buddy in place, you want to assign them to start trading for any berry, bug, or nut material. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, so pick any you’d like to add to your inventory, and then go hunting. You can check back on your buddy’s progress to see what they’ve brought back. Eventually, a Butterfly Beetle should show up in a random item they’ve traded.

Unfortunately, that’s the only method we’ve discovered for you to farm or acquire the Butterfly Beetle. You can only get it from trading any of those materials with Argosy and hoping your buddy brings them back. You can increase their chances of bringing back materials by increasing your buddy’s bargaining skill by using your kamuri points.