Where to get cut stone in Tribes of Midgard

A solid foundation.

Image via Norsfell Games

A resource you want to become familiar with in Tribes of Midgard is cut stone. You’re going to use this to build and upgrade your villager’s structures to prepare for the night. These are crucial for keeping your village safe and ensuring that they do not reach the center to damage your Seed of Yggdrasil. This guide details where to get cut stone and the best way to obtain it.

Primarily, you’re going to be collecting common stone and flint from around your village. For stone, you’re going to need an essential pick to harvest it. The best areas that contain the stone nodes are the Blight Forest, Land of Pools, Smoky Highlands, and Ash Beach. Of these locations, we highly recommend visiting the Land of Pools, especially when you’re starting your game. When you’ve defeated your first Jötuun, adventuring to the Smoky Highlands and Ash Beaches should be your next priority to obtain higher quality resources.

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When you have enough stone, you want to visit Eyrún, the villager crafter who can give you tools, build wooden structures, arrows, and upgrade your resources. However, before giving her resources, you’re going to need to upgrade her to level three. Once she’s level three, these are the resources she will need from you to create the cut stone.

  • 8 Stone
  • 6 Flint

If you ever run out of any of these, make sure to visit the Land of Pools, Smoky Highlands, and Ash Beaches to refresh your village’s supplies.