Where to get new Cardboard Gates for Mario Kart Live

It’s easier than you think.

Mario Kart Live

Image via Nintendo

Mario Kart Live blends your actual house with your Nintendo Switch to send tiny cars zooming all over your kitchen. The game uses cardboard gates to act as checkpoints while you send little plastic Mario karts flying through them.

Now, the problem here is that these cardboard gates are, well, cardboard. Take it from someone who has been playing assorted board games for nearly four decades, cardboard doesn’t survive very long without taking a lot of care of it. These cardboard gates are going to be on the ground, used by kids, or drunken adults, so they are going to get damaged.

The good news is that replacing them is as easy as pie. All you need to do is follow this link and you can print out more. It’s not really the cardboard gates themselves that are important, but rather the AR marked images that they hold. As long as the camera on the cars can see them, it will be getting the information it needs to update the game.

You can stick these images to anything you want and they will do the same job, so feel free to print them out and construct your own cardboard gates, possibly even substituting a more robust material like balsa wood. Just make sure that the new gates you build have enough clearance for the cars to pass underneath, and you will be good to go.