Where to get Sardines in Nier Replicant

Don’t put them on a pizza.

Image via Gamepur

Nier Replicant will send you on a hunt for many items over the course of the game, including some fish. You will need to find Sardines for one quest, and can use them for other things in the game.

Finding Sardines is pretty simple when you know where to look, so in this guide we will show you exactly what you need to do to get them.

Where to get Sardines

Image via Gamepur

The easiest way to get Sardines is to fish for them near the Seafront. Head for the large beach through the tunnel at this town, and then start fishing. You can speed things up by using some lugworm bait that can be purchased from the Tackle Show for 10 Gold.

You can also purchased Sardines from the Fish shop further down the same street, but they will only be in stock after you get the fisherman’s Gambit quest.

How to fish in Nier Replicant

Fishing in Nier Replicant is a fairly simple system. Standing in front of water then hit the prompted button to cast your line out. You will then get to choose what bait/lure you wish to use. Wait until a fish takes the bait, then start moving the left thumbstick in the opposite direction to the one the fish is moving.

A blue bar at the bottom of the screen will show the fish’s energy, and you want to tire them out completely, and can then pull them out of the water. To improve the chance of catching Sardines, be sure to choose Lugworm as your bait.