Where to get the Pokémon History Poketch App in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

It’s time for a history lesson.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are a bunch of apps to find throughout Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. One of these apps is known as the Pokémon History app. This app is used to see the Pokémon you have caught recently. When you pull up the app, you will see an image of each Pokémon in your catch history. Here is how you get this app.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Before you can obtain this app, you first need to get your Pokétch app. You will get this item early on as part of the story by answering the clowns’ questions in Jubilife City. After obtaining the Pokétch, you will need to defeat at least two gym leaders in the game. These gym leaders are in Oreburgh City and Eterna City.

Later in the game, you will make your way to Hearthome City and be directed to go to Veilstone City. To get there, you will need to take Route 209, which will lead you to Solaceon Town. Be prepared before making the journey across Route 209 since you will be facing off against several trainers along the way. Once you reach Solaceon Town, talk to the ranger NPC to the left of the Pokecenter. He will tell you about history before giving you the new app.