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Where to Put Every Item in 2018 – Unpacking Item Placement Guide

Placing every item in 2018 is the toughest challenge Unpacking has to offer to players, comprised of a ten-room house to fill.

For the final level in Unpacking, players are tasked with filling up an entire ten-room home. As the unnamed protagonist has seemingly birthed another mouth to feed, this means there are several more boxes to tackle and new items to explore. Make no mistake, this level is going to take a while. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help show all players the best item placements for each room in 2018 in Unpacking.

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Unboxing the Walk-in Space in 2018 in Unpacking

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The 2018 level in Unpacking should begin at the front door, and players need to focus their attention on organizing items straight away. The walk-in space isn’t too tough to figure out, with statues going on the shelf under the mirror and shoes sitting on the shoe rack below. Any shoes that don’t fit here can be dragged over to the walk-in closet. Umbrellas go in the wooden bin next to the shoe rack, and the framed photos can sit just behind the top row of the shoes.

Unboxing the Large Bathroom in 2018 in Unpacking

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Our suggestion with most levels in Unpacking is to start in the large bathroom by dumping everything o the floor. This allows players to see what they’ve got to work with. Big boxed items can go under the sink, and the smaller ones are easy to arrange around the top. Shampoo and shower gel go on the shower shelves, and any washing paraphernalia can be hung in the shower too.

Next, place the tall hamper, toilet bowl, and trash can between the toilet and the shower. It’s a great space and all makes sense. Get toilet paper on the rod to the left of the toilet, and chuck any extras beneath it. Four towels go nicely on the towel rail to the right of the sink, and the rest will go in the laundry room.

Get the small hamper between the washer and dryer, to the right is a good space on some shelves for the bag of dirt and detergent. The rubber duck goes on the bath, and the blue slip mat goes in the bath itself. Lastly, put the comb, flat iron, and shaver into the drawers on the sink, and the large bathroom is complete.

Unboxing the Walk-in Closet in 2018 in Unpacking

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Drop everything in the walk-in closet on the floor in 2018 to see what you’ve got to hide away, it makes life so much easier. The first thing to do is put the hangers on the two silver rods, then it’s easy to place all the clothes. The dresses and jeans fit on the lower rods, and t-shirts go above. The rest of the clothes will fit in the dresser and on the shelves.

the lockbox can be tucked away below the shelves on the left, then place two bags in front of it to keep it safe. The mirror will go on the tallest level of the drawers, and everything else can be laid out neatly around it.

Unboxing the Master Bedroom in 2018 in Unpacking

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In 2018’s master bedroom in Unpacking, it’s best to put the orange and blue lockbox under the nightstands. Books and phones can be shoved onto the bottom shelves of those too. The purple purse and two yoga mats will go nicely under the bed, and the red backpack can sit at the bottom of it ready for the morning.

Any stuffed animals players discover as they go should be placed on the bed, though the position doesn’t matter. Any other objects can be put into nightstands, but the plant has to be on the self closest to the ceiling. In other rooms around the house are three painted rocks and a thermostat. These items need to be collected and placed in the master bedroom as shown in the image above.

Unboxing the Child’s Bedroom in 2018 in Unpacking

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The new nursery is easily the toughest room to work through in 2018 in Unpacking. As we’ve done with other rooms, throw everything on the floor to start, then stack the colored blocks on the table next to the chair. Toys, books, and teething rings should be on the shelves or wall below the changing table. Boxed diapers and baby clothes will then go into the three drawers in the changing table. Wipes need to be left out, so they’ll go on top of the changing table, as will the brown and green bag.

Put the baby rocker and toy set in front of the changing table, and put the pink trash can somewhere nearby. Hang up the two framed pictures on the wall and then put the two pacifiers inside the crib.

Unboxing the Small Bathroom in 2018 in Unpacking

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The small bathroom is the easiest part of 2018 in Unpacking. All players need to do is place the fragrance spray on the toilet to begin. The toilet paper and towel go on hangers already in the room. Soap goes in the sink, and everything else can squeeze onto the shelf on the left-hand side of the room.

Unboxing the Office in 2018 in Unpacking

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The office is a daunting room in 2018 in Unpacking. However, most of the objects in here will have been part of previous chapters, so there shouldn’t be too much to stress players out. Every book will go on the bottom shelves along with the various statues, which is a good place to start. Put the frames and plants above these shelves, then hang the five drawings on the corkboard above the desk.

The purple box of cords and the brown paintbrushes can go in together and be placed to the left of the cabinet. The wooden canvas holder and pendulum swing will sit nicely above those. To end this room, drag every other item onto the desk. However, the trash can should be on the floor close to the office chair.

Unboxing the Dining Room 2018 in Unpacking

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The easiest thing to do in the dining room in 2018 in Unpacking is to place all the books on whatever shelf works. Bigger items such as the fish-shaped bowl- menorah, and whale can go on shelves too. The green placemats, laptop, coasters, wine glasses, napkin holder, and the purple bowl need to be placed on the table as if laid out for dinner. The photos go on the window in this room, and the plants can sit anywhere.

Unboxing the Kitchen in 2018 in Unpacking

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The kitchen might just be the largest room in 2018 in Unpacking, and it feels like a huge task. Star by popping every item on the floor to identify what goes where. Plates, cups, bowls, and ingredients will all fit on the top shelves. Then add magnets and postcards to the fridge, with the small set of utensils heading into the drawers to the right of the sink.

Now those items are out of the way, there should be space to plug in the toaster and microwave near the sink on the left counter. Players can then get the cheese grater, two silver pots, pressure cooker, and pan on the lower shelves under the microwave. To the right of those shelves is a cabinet where the dough roller, rice cooker, red strainer, and cleaning supplies will fit. The sponge and red brish need to go on the sink.

Hand soap and the dish for it will go on either side of the sink, and the wooden dish rack will go on the left of the sink to help plates dry out. The set of spices slots to the right of the sink, and the coffee pot and brown bag of coffee beans will go on there too. The last selection of items will go on the fridge or the shelf closes to the ceiling, but the oven mitts and towel must be hung up before moving on.

Unboxing the Living Room in 2018 Unpacking

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The last room in 2018 in Unpacking is the living room. Put the books and video games on the empty shelves to start with. After that, the Wii, GameCube controllers, and box of cables will go into the TV stand. The Wii remotes and 3DS can sit in front of the TV.

Plants and statues go on either of the shelves, but the board games have to go under the coffee table. Get the ser of coasters and TV remote on the top of the coffee table, then put the blanket and pillows on the couch. Following this order, the last item that needs to be placed is a black and purple poster that’s uncovered in the walk-in closet. Tape it to the wall, and the last chapter will be complete.

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