Where to put every item in 2018 – Unpacking item placement guide

The toughest test for an expert decorator.

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For the final level in Unpacking, players are tasked with filling up an entire ten-room home. As the unnamed protagonist has seemingly birthed another mouth to feed, this means there are several more boxes to tackle and new items to see. Although it will be a long journey for most, this guide will display which rooms will hold each category of items.

Unboxing the walk-in space

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The level should start near the front door, as this is where your attention should be first. It is a fairly simple process here, with the statues needing to go on the top shelf and shoes needing to be on the ones below. If you run out of space for the shoes, simply drag them over to the floor of the walk-in closet.

Finishing this area by placing the umbrellas in the wooden bin near the shoe rack and hanging the pair of framed photos.

Unboxing the large bathroom

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As we’ve recommended for previous levels, start the large bathroom by unloading everything onto the floor. Then place the bigger boxed goods underneath the sink and the smaller items around or above the sink (as shown above). The large shampoo bottles will then need to be set on the shower shelves, with the scrubbers hanging near them.

Without moving anything else, place the tall hamper, trashcan, and toilet bowl cleaner between the toilet and shower. After, set one roll of toilet paper on the rod to the left, with the extras inside the bin underneath it. As for the towels, place four of these on the rods to the right of the sink, with the rest being placed on the laundry room’s shelves.

Next, tuck the smaller hamper in between the washing machine and dishwasher. To the right, you should have just enough space on the shelves for the bag of dirt and detergent. Then continue by setting the rubber duck on the tub, with the blue mat going inside the tub.

Lastly, set the flat iron, comb, and shaver into the drawers below the sink to complete this section.

Unboxing the walk-in closet

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The walk-in closet is a breeze if you once again lay out everything on the floors, but begin setting the hangers on the two long silver rods. With this out of the way, place the dresses and jeans on the lower rod and all t-shirts on the one ahead. As you can see above, the remaining clothes can then be thrown into the dresser, along with the bras and socks.

Next, set the lockbox on the floor in the left corner of the room, with the two bags put in front of it. To finish, place the mirror and white chest on top of the dresser, with everything left over needing to be on the shelves.

Unboxing the master bedroom

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In the bigger bedroom, set the blue and orange lockbox underneath one of the nightstands. Any books or phones that you spot will need to go on the bottom shelves. After, hide the purple purse and two yoga mats below the bed, with the red backpack sitting next to the front of the bed.

As always, any stuffed animals discovered in each of the rooms will need to be brought over and placed on top of the bed (in no particular position). The rest of the objects can then be tossed onto the nightstands, but the plant must be on the shelf closest to the ceiling.

As you move on to other rooms, you’ll eventually find three painted rocks and a thermostat; each of these should be placed next to the window (as shown above).

Unboxing the child’s bedroom

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The toughest challenge is undoubtedly the new nursery. Start by placing everything on the floor, but stack all of the colored blocks onto the stand next to the chair. All toys, teething rings, and books should be sitting on shelves on the wall or below the changing station. Then, throw the remaining boxed diapers and baby clothes in the three drawers. Be sure to leave the wipes out, as these can go on top of the changing station with the brown and green bag.

You’ll then want to put the baby rocker and toy set in front of the station in the far-right corner with the pink trashcan not too far by. Lastly, hang the two framed pictures onto the wall, and leave the two pacifiers inside the crib.

Unboxing the small bathroom

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The easiest of the bunch, this tight bathroom will simply require you to put the fragrance spray above the toilet, and place the toilet paper and towel on their respective hangers. The soap will need to be set near the sink, but everything else can go onto the shelf on the left side of the room.

Unboxing the office

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The office’s boxes may appear daunting, but most of the objects found within have been seen in previous chapters. Start with throwing each book onto the bottom shelves with the various statues, plants, and frames needing to go above them. There will also be five drawings that can be hung onto the wooden board above the desk.

Next, take the purple box of cords, along with the brown paintbrushes, and drop them into the cabinet to the left. The wooden canvas holder and pendulum swing can both be placed on top of them. To finish off this section, simply drag everything else onto the desk, but leave the trashcan near the office chair.

Unboxing the dining room

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The fastest route to complete the dining room will be to shove each book on whichever shelf you please. All larger items like the whale, fish-shaped bowl, and menorah can go here as well. The green placemats, wine glasses, coasters, laptop, along with the napkin holder and purple bowl, should be positioned on top of the table.

There will be three plants in this room, but feel free to set each wherever your heart desires. Before heading into the next room, either hang or put down the remaining photos near the left window.

Unboxing the kitchen

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As possibly the biggest room in all of Unpacking, start the boxes in the kitchen by laying down items on the floor. From here, it’s best to store all plates, bowls, cups, ingredients on the top shelves. Continue by adding each magnet and postcard onto the fridge, and then drop each small set of utensils in the drawers on the right.

When this is done, you should have space to plug the microwave and toaster into the outlets near the left side of the sink. Underneath the microwave, set the cheese grater, pressure cooker, two silver pots, and one pan on the lower-level shelves. In the cabinet to the right of them, there should be the red strainer, dough roller, rice cooker, and various cleaning supplies inside. However, leave the sponge and red brush inside the sink.

The dish and hand soap can then be set on either side of the sink, with the wooden dish rack needing to be placed to the left of them. To the right of the sink, leave out the set of spices, along with the glass coffee pot and its brown bag of beans. From here, you can set the last group of items either on top of the fridge or on the shelf closest to the ceiling — but be sure to also hang the oven mitts and towel before continuing.

Unboxing the living room

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Finally, the last section of this massive domain. As we’ve said before, setting each of the video games and books on the empty shelves should always be your first step in the living rooms. From there, place the Wii, cable box, and GameCube controllers inside the TV stand, with the Wii remotes and 3DS sitting in front of the TV itself.

The collection of plants and statues can then be tossed on top of either shelf, but it is required to have each board game underneath the coffee table. Next, set the coasters and TV remote on top of the coffee table, with the blanket and pillows sitting on the couch.

If done in this order, the last item needed will be a black and purple poster found within the walk-in closet. Once this is taped to the wall, the final chapter should be complete.