Where to see your K/D ratio in Halo Infinite

A good look at how you’re doing.

Image via Xbox

Some players love to have a way to track their stats in first-person shooter games. If you are a competitive player, it is good to know where you stand in your performance, and seeing your kill/death ratio (or K/D) has long been accepted as one of the best ways to see how you are performing. If you are looking for that stat in Halo Infinite, here is where to find it.

Unfortunately, the only way to see your K/D ratio in Halo Infinite is to look at recent games you have played. There is no overall view of your stats as of this writing.

At the end of a match, you will be on a player recap screen. While this shows your kills, deaths, and other stats, you will need to tab over to scoreboard to see your ratio. You will be looking for the column that says KDA for your ratio in that match. The larger the number, the better you did. An important thing to keep in mind with this number is it also considers your assists, so as long as you helped take down an enemy, your KDA will be slightly better.

If you are looking for a more substantial number, there is a way to see more. Halo Tracker is a site that you can log into with your account and see overall stats over various games. After looking at the site, it doesn’t appear to give your career stats, but you can view how well you are doing over 100 games. While that is not a way to gauge your overall stats, that is a good percentage to see how you have played over the last large chunk of games.

As of this writing, Halo Waypoint has not yet been fully updated to integrate Halo Infinite stats. If that update comes out and includes K/D and other career stats, we will update this article.