Who is Big Sister in Apex Legends?

The newest character in the Apex universe is wrapped in a shroud of mystery.

Big Sister

Unlike most battle royale games, Apex Legends has been digging deeper into the story, lore, and worldbuilding aspect of their universe, and that becomes clearer with every new story from the Outlands short. That is no exception with The Endorsement, the story behind how the newest legend, Rampart, got recruited into the Apex Games.

While we got the backstory on Ramya (Rampart) being friends with Gibraltar and Anita (Bangalore), we also saw a pretty epic fight scene between Ramya and an underground gang. After some back and forth, we are introduced to the newest character in Apex universe: Big Sister.

Big Sister full body image
Image via Respawn

Big Sister is a woman with long red hair, dark eyes, and a glowing white and gold mask. She appears to be the gang leader, as Ramya questioned where she was when she saw the others. Big Sister’s gang consists of five young adults, dressed in all black, each with a unique style.

Big Sister's gang
Image via Respawn

It’s highly predicted that Big Sister may become a legend in the future, but while she is a new character, some think we may have seen this woman before. Due to her hair color, many players think that Big Sister could be the secret identity of Crypto’s missing foster sister, Mila Alexander.

Mila Alexander
Image via Respawn

There are a couple of issues with this theory. Firstly, Crypto just received a voice recording from her recently, while Big Sister seems to be much more far-gone. Secondly, Big Sister is depicted with dark eyes, while Mila’s eyes are a teal color. That said, it could also just be the lighting, Big Sister very well could be Mila. We love the idea of it, but nothing is confirmed.

Loba with the mask
Image via Respawn

All of that said, no matter what Big Sister’s hidden identity is, it’s relatively safe to assume she knows Loba or at least knows who she is. The mask she wears is quite similar to, if not the exact same, mask that Loba stole in the previous Stories of the Outlands animatic. It’s not clear if they are friends or enemies, or if Big Sister just bought the mask off of her, but it would be interesting to learn that Big Sister and Loba have some sort of shared history.

All of this said, there is a good chance we won’t know any more than this until Season 7, but also, never say never. If we see the return of Quest Mode this season, the truth may unfold right before our very eyes.