Who is Dr. Amelie P. in Apex Legends?

Meet the woman who holds the key to Pathfinder’s past.

Dr. Amelie P.

The Stories from the Outlands animated shorts often give Apex Legends fans their first look at characters that are or will be important to the story, and this is certainly the case in 2020’s final episode: Fight Night. A character by the name of Dr. Amelie P. makes her first appearance in Fight Night, speaking in a gentle and inspiring voice on a recording inside of Pathfinder. But who is she?

Pathfinder’s Creator

The Fight Night short takes place in 2725, which is 8 years prior to the main storyline of Apex Legends, which takes place in 2733. The recording inside of Pathfinder states that Amelie created Pathfinder for a purpose, but he never gets to finish the recording to discover why.

We do know from what we have seen, though, is that Amelie created Pathfinder. We just don’t know why, and may not for a while, considering his files are no longer accessible after he was shot.

Relation to another legend?

Amelie has a French name and spoke with a clear-as-day French accent. We only have one other main character who is French, and that it Wattson. Wattson’s real name is Natalie Paquette. While this is only speculation, it wouldn’t be too far off to wonder if Amelie P. is short for Amelie Paquette. Especially considering Wattson’s whole family seems to work in STEM fields.

The possibility of Amelie being Wattson’s mother (or some other relation) is pretty high. Why else would they, thematically, keep Amelie’s last name a secret? If it held no serious stake in the game, they most likely would have shown us the whole thing. We are definitely high-key team Amelie Paquette.