Why is the PlayStation Network busy?

The connection has been interrupted.

PlayStation Network

There could be several reasons that your network connection is not working on your PlayStation console. It could be on your side, or it could be because PlayStation’s servers are overloaded with players attempting to into it. The worst case would be that there’s something on PlayStation’s side, and they’re experiencing network errors with multiple users all at the same time. In this guide, we detail some of the common reasons why the PlayStation Network is busy.

The first thing you’ll want to do is check your router connection and modem. Next, you’ll want to unplug your connection, wait at least 15 seconds, and then plug it back into the network. After that, wait for everything to load back up to see if things are working. Alternatively, you can also have your mobile device connect to your router and see if other internet-connected devices are working. If they are, then it’s likely not on your side, and it’s likely going to be the PlayStation Network.

Because it’s likely going to be on the PlayStation Network side of things, there’s very little you can do. You can choose to try playing a strictly offline game or have a physical copy to pass the time. It comes down to waiting to see when the Network is back up and running, which is means everything is in Sony’s court.

We highly recommend if you’re going to be waiting for this and would like to have active updates, you’re going to want to follow the PlayStation twitter. Unfortunately, the official account itself does not post live updates regarding the network. Still, multiple users will ping it and ‘@’ it, giving you an indication of what other players are experiencing.