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Why Sonic’s Blue Eyes Are A Big Deal In Frontiers DLC Teaser

Our blue boy just got bluer.

Just as you thought the news and updates were starting to slow down with Sonic Frontiers, like clockwork, they’ve sped up again. While the information has mainly been focused on Superstars, it’s about time we got a check-in for that DLC over in the modern zone already. The latest trailer drops a bit of a tease regarding what’s next for Sonic and his friends, and all doesn’t seem to look good.

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Although the teaser trailer is only a few seconds long, it does an excellent job of revealing what to expect, at least at the beginning, of the DLC’s story. Sonic’s friends seem to be in Cyber Jail again, Sage is back, and Eggman is begrudgingly in tow. What’s going on? And when are we? And what’s with Sonic’s eyes being blue all of a sudden? The teaser seems to bring up more questions than it answers as the DLC release date nears.

Sonic Frontiers: The Final Horizon Gets An Update Teaser

In a recent trailer, Sega announced the next step in Sonic Frontiers as a game. It’s Final Horizon, which looks to be the working title for the story DLC update that’ll feature new challenges and some new playable characters. This cinematic opening cutscene is just the tip of the iceberg describing what’s to come for Sonic fans later in the year. The pudding’s in the details, which are many, even for something less than a minute long. The first detail to notice is the fact that Amy, Knuckles, and Tails are all Cyber-Jail’d once again. They may not be in the orbs proper, but they are floaty, only halfway there. This is an issue because, well, didn’t we just save them?

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Another way we can kind of carbon-date this scene is that Sage is alive and well, with Eggman. Since we saw every moment between Sonic’s friends getting back to normal and Sage’s ultimate sacrifice, where in time are we? All answers seem to point towards the fact that this definitely takes place after the events of the main game. If that’s the case, then why are Sonic’s friends all messed up again? We can only guess that this is a question that the DLC will directly answer.

What Do Sonic’s Blue Eyes Mean?

The most prominent detail everyone’s gabbing about in the latest trailer is Sonic’s new eyes. As you can see at the end of the trailer, he goes super to destroy what seems to be an improvement on Supreme’s initial design. When you see his eyes, though, instead of meeting some red orbs, you get blue instead. Fans have circulated many possible theories as to why, starting with the most basic: a new super form.

While it could be a new super form at play here, it’s doubtful that this form is entirely new and separate from Super Sonic. Sure, there’s a distinction, but in all other cases where Sonic gets a new form, the differences usually amount to more than just eyes. Take Darkspine and Dark Sonic, for example. Both of these forms are pretty obscure, both have Dark in the name, and both change Sonic physically and in how he acts. Any time Sonic gains a new form that fans need to worry about, it usually isn’t as subtle as an eye change.

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So what is this new form, if not an entirely new super form for Sonic? If you look right as Sonic changes from his standard Super to this new form, you may notice a critical detail that you missed before. As he changes, there’s a patchy red and black film around him that exudes from where he’s floating. This expels from within him, almost like he’s shrugging it off. If it looks familiar, that’s because it is: negative cyber energy looks just like this in the game.

You may also be drawing the same connection here now: his eyes turn blue after seemingly expelling that negative cybernetic energy. Sonic doesn’t have a new form; he has a new ability, which Sage displayed the same way when empathizing with Sonic and Tails or when using her power to save everyone during the end of Frontiers.

So while this may not be a new form, per se, it is definitely a reason to get excited. With more cyber shenanigans comes more superpowers, comes more interesting way to beat up big bad bots as Sonic (or possibly his friends) come this next DLC update.

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