Will Nioh 2 come to PC?

The superior platform. Sorry.

Nioh 2

Image via Team Ninja

Nioh 2 has released for PlayStation 4. Demon chopping action is back in this prequel, along with crisp combat, new mechanics to master, and a whole new story. At the moment, Nioh 2 is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and if you are wondering if it will come to PC, then there appears to be some good news.

Nioh 2 would seem to be a timed exclusive, in the same vein as the first game. According to Gamestop, the title will be coming to PC sometime in November of this year, although it is important to point out that nothing has been said by developers Team Ninja at this point.

So, at the moment it would seem that Nioh 2 will be coming to PC, and we imagine it will end up on Steam, just like the first game did. Nioh 2, from what we have played so far, is a superb game, and the combat is a perfect step in the right direction for the series. There are some sacrifices that need to be made to either framerate or resolution, for the standard PlayStation 4, however.

If you want to wait to play the game with all the pixels and blisteringly fast frames that you are used to, then it looks like you will be waiting until November. The game contains anywhere up to 100 hours of gameplay, and new additions like Soul Core moves and the Anima system as a welcome addition, so it will certainly be worth the wait if you choose to do so.