Will Outriders be on PC Game Pass?

Should you wait to jump in?

Image via Square Enix

Outriders launched on Day One on Game Pass for Xbox, and players are wondering if Outriders will be on PC Game Pass in the future. It is a fair question, as it’s never nice to jump into a game paying full price and have it show up for free shortly afterward.

Currently, neither Microsoft of Square Enix has expressed plans to bring the game to the PC version of Microsoft’s Game Pass service. The game can be downloaded for free on Xbox One, S, and X, but if you check the PC app for Game Pass, it is sorely lacking.

While neither company has talked about why the game is not available on PC Game Pass, and why there do not seem to be any plans to bring it to the service for PC customers.

It may have been at the behest of Square Enix, as Outriders shot up the list of top-selling games on Steam after the demo was released, so the published may not want to damage all those potential sales, or even anger Steam if the game appears on Game Pass for free led to a rash of refund requests.

As for whether Outriders will come to PC Game Pass in the future, it is impossible to tell. Microsoft seems to be working some kind of magic at the moment to get all manner of games onto the service, so it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if it did arrive on PC for free at some point in the future.