Will Spider-Man Come Out on Xbox One?


Insomniac Games is bringing Spider-Man back to consoles in a big way on September 7, but unfortunately, it comes with one catch.

Spider-Man on Xbox One?

The new Spider-Man game is only being released on the PlayStation 4, leaving the Xbox One all webbed up and hung out to dry. Insomniac Games stated that they couldn’t bring Spider-Man to Xbox One due to the Web Slinger being a Marvel property and that Sony doesn’t do multiplatform games.

It does leave something to be desired for Xbox One players who are fans of the Spider-Man game series, even though there have only been a few games that have seen critical success. The most notable has been the open world Spider-Man 2 in 2004, which was based off the second movie. The last Spider-Man game to be released for Microsoft was The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, and that was on the Xbox 360.

In a perfect world, all games would be released for all consoles. Until that happens, some games will always be exclusive for one reason or another.

Insomniac Games Spider-Man will be swinging on to PlayStation 4 only on September 7 and not be coming to Xbox One. Like ever.