Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Where To Place The Microphone In Little Berlin

I like how Wolfenstein: Youngblood handles world exploration, random missions, and generally take steps to make the areas you explore more interesting. From time to time, your friends can come on comms and ask you to take care of a job for them. Do the job, and net yourself some silver coins.

One such request is to place a microphone in the Nazi meeting room in Little Berlin. When you are asked to do the mission, a marker appears on your minimap, showing you where to go. These places won’t always be easy to get to, and it is easy enough to miss the route to the meeting room, so I wrote up this quick guide to help you out.

Where To Place The Microphone In Little Berlin

To get to the meeting room, follow the map marker. Be careful, as the place you need to go is off the main street that has a lot of heavily armed, and armored Nazi troops on it. You can either take them out or sneak around, whichever suits your mood at the time. I am a “kill the Nazis” type of guy.

Little Berlin Meeting Room Route

Looking to go up the street to the left as if you are moving away from the meeting room. There’s a guard station crossing the road here. Double jump up to the ladder on the wall, and then over to the balcony, make your way down it until you come to a broken window, and go inside. The room is empty, so no need to sneak. Head over to the telephone on the wall and then place your bug. After that, you are free to explore the area and do any other missions that come your way.

I’d recommend doing as many as these missions as you can when they pop up, as they are an excellent source of silver coins. You can use silver coins to buy Pep Signals, upgrades for your weapons, and cosmetics, so the more you can get the better.