Worms Rumble grenades ranked from worst to best

Bombs away!

Worms Rumble

What would a Worms game be without grenades? The standard grenade has been a starting weapon in every game since its inception, and the two special grenades, the Banana bomb, and the Holy-Hand grenade are iconic in their association with the series. 

Simply put, if you’ve ever played a Worms game, you will know what each of these three fantastic projectiles will do. And with Worms Rumble, you can now pick them up and throw them at other wormly foes in real-time. 

Their uses are relatively clear in the traditional games, with the normal grenade often used at the start of matches, the banana bomb when you need to cause mass destruction in clusters, and the holy hand grenade when you have a worm isolated from his friends. The latter two are also fantastic for rearranging the landscape.

With no destructive environment in Worms Rumble, their uses change and as such, their usefulness is not quite so black and white. We’re here to give you the rundown on which one you should keep on your worm.

Here are the grenades in Worms Rumble ranked from worst to best.

Banana Bomb

This will probably be a controversial pick for the worst of the three grenades, but what made the banana bomb so devastating in a traditional Worms game is the sheer amount of destruction that it could cause. This was facilitated by most of the map layouts being open air and with space to allow the cluster bananas to deal the brunt of the damage. 

The banana bomb definitely has kill potential in Worms Rumble, but it’s not as high as the Holy-Hand Grenade while also being far less flexible with Rumble’s maps forming a lot of tight vents and corridors. In most instances, you’re going to find your banana bomb all blow up in the same spot, at which point you’ll be wishing you had the Holy-Hand Grenade instead.


The original standard-issue worm projectile, the old faithful grenade is underrated in Worms Rumble for the simple reason that it’s very flexible in how you can use it. It always explodes on the second bounce, meaning that you can angle and time your throws for a variety of situations.

Need to create some separation from a worm gunning for you? The grenade works to zone out players from your position. Struggling to find a good angle to shoot a worm above or below you? Bounce a grenade off the nearby wall and watch as they take an explosion to their wormy face while you’re safe. See a worm in vent about to pop its head out? Throw a grenade in and cause huge damage while you stay safe from the blast radius.

It’s extremely versatile, and that is more valuable in the tight layouts of Worms Rumble than the cluster that the banana bomb offers. 

Holy Hand Grenade

The grenade would be the best on this list if it wasn’t for the fact that the Holy Hand Grenade does a monstrous amount of concentrated damage, enough to bring a full health enemy with no armor to death. In a similar way to the Sheep Launcher weapon, the Holy-Hand Grenade works an absolute treat when the opponent’s focus is elsewhere.

If you see worms dueling in the room over from you, or trying to take each other out in a vent below, one Holy-Hand Grenade is all you need to wipe out everyone in that space. With a trigger time of just under two seconds, there’s also enough time to run if you realize that you made a mistake, while also the consistent timing offers ease of use. 

If you’re trying to stay alive, such as in Last Worm Standing mode, the grenade may be a better option for survivability. In Deathmatch, it’s no contest. Hallelujah!