Yone’s abilities in League of Legends

The 150th League of Legends champion.

Image via Riot Games

Yone is set to join League of Legends as the next champion to join the Summoner’s Rift. The upcoming champion’s announcement happened in a lengthy debut trailer showing how two brothers, him and Yasuo, had become so different and took different paths. The trailer also broke down Yone’s upcoming abilities where he will be dashing straight ahead into enemies, while also using a brief shield to survive these close-quarter encounters.

Yone will be available for everyone to play in League of Legends‘ patch 10.16, set to release on Aug. 5, 2020.

Yone’s Passive – Way of the Hunter

Yone carries two blades with him, and he uses the second sword during his second basic attack. His second attack will deal more damage because of this, and at the same time, his chance to land a critical strike is doubled, at the cost of having reduced critical strike damage,

Mortal Steel

This ability has Yone striking out in a forward stab and does physical damage to any opponent he hits. When he hits an opponent, he gains a stack of Gathering Storm. When Yone has two stacks of Gathering Storm, he can dash forward and sends opponents airborne.

Spirit Cleave

Yone’s next ability is a forward slashing attack with his blades, doing it in a cone in front of him. He deals a portion of the enemy’s maximum health, and when he hits the enemy, he gains a temporary shield that increases depending on how many other Champions Yone hits with this attack.

Soul Unbound

With this ability, Yone sends out his spirit in front of him, freely attacking opponents. The spirit has increased movement speed. When the spirit returns to Yone’s body, he deals a percentage of all the damage he did while in his spirit form to those he struck. It’s an excellent way to attack enemies from a distance without putting Yone in immediate danger.

Yone’s Ultimate – Fate Sealed

Yone’s ultimate ability sends him flying forward in a brief dust cloud, striking any enemy he crosses paths with and sends them airborne. Those who go airborne follow Yone’s trajectory and go toward the center of the attack.