2020 Animal Crossing calendar means you never miss a Birthday

It’s also incredibly cute, and inexpensive, just in time for New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the release schedule horizon, it’s good to know when you’re going to be celebrating the Birthdays of your fellow neighbors. Considering the number of townsfolk of that Animal Crossing hosts, this can be quite an undertaking. But fear not, because Nintendo has you covered.

A 2020 calendar is now available for players to download from the Nintendo Rewards website. If you’re settling in for the long haul with New Horizons, the cost of 80 Platinum Points is well worth the price of entry because it will give you information on the Birthday of every animal in the game. You can then print it off and use it as a standard calendar while also never missing a Birthday in your town.

80 Platinum Points is a reasonably low barrier, too, and can be earned quickly by merely visiting the website regularly. The calendar comes in PDF form and allows you to print it off as much as you wish. The names and pictures of each animal are included, so figuring out whose Birthday it is should be simple.

The game is due for release on March 20, so there is still plenty of time for those currently lacking the points to purchase the PDF to earn them. You can find the calendar to buy and download here.