Crytek Not Ruling Out A Crysis Remastered Edition For PS4, XB1 and PC

Crysis Remastered For PS4/Xbox One

Crytek is not ruling out a remastered edition of the original Crysis game, the first title in a series of third in the first person shooter EA-published franchise. While the remaining two games in the trilogy have not been very appreciated by critics and public, players still have fond memories when it comes to the original.

Crysis Remastered For PS4/Xbox One

Interviewed by DSOGaming, technical director Rok Erjavec has said the developer is not ruling out anything for the future of the Crytek series, although confirming the developer is now focused on other stuff, among which we sure find virtual reality based projects.

"I agree that the first part of the Crysis series is a great game. While we would never rule out going back to it, at the moment we are focused on our current VR projects The Climb and Robinson: The Journey," Erjavec confirmed.

The idea of having a Crysis remaster is pretty fascinating – that surely was the best game in the Crysis series and the most demanding one in terms of hardware. This is why the remaster would make sense: many gamers missed it back in the days of the original release.

Would you like it to launch anytime soon for new consoles and PC? Let us know in the comments below.


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