Sam Fisher's Original Voice Actor Hints At New Splinter Cell Game

Sam Fisher's Voice Actor Confirms New Splinter Cell Game

Sam Fisher's original voice actor Michael Ironside has returned back to the scenes as the protagonist of Splinter Cell in the ongoing Ghost Recon Wildlands event, after leaving the series for the latest entry, Blacklist.

Sam Fisher's Voice Actor Confirms New Splinter Cell Game

Ironside explained, during a recent interview at Inside Xbox, that he initially refused the offer to be Sam Fisher, because he felt he was a character without a solid and interesting background.

"Sam was this one-line, two-dimensional character," he said. "There [were] no organics to him." After actively working with Ubisoft Montreal, "we created a backstory. We created a family [for him], and where he goes, and what he does, and who he trusts."

The actor added that he never felt like he left the role of Splinter Cell's protagonist, as "I am Sam Fisher." Then hinted at the possibility of a new game in the franchise, although he was quite vague on the matter: "Let's see if the storylines allow an organic [way to bring] Sam back."

We'll most probably need to wait and see what happens when it comes to Splinter Cell at E3 2018, where Ubisoft could start dropping the first details about a return of the franchise born in 2002 on Xbox.

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