Digital Foundry Believes PS5 Will Ship In Q4 2019 At The Earliest

PlayStation 5 To Release In Q4 2019 - Digital Foundry

In its latest analysis, Digital Foundry has provided an educated guess about when we'll be seeing PS5 around after many rumors have started to pop up on the Internet during the last few weeks.

According to Digital Foundry, it's out of the question that a new console from Sony could be releasing in time for this year. It's just too early. Things change when we take into consideration 2019 or 2020, as this window looks more realistic for a couple reasons.

PlayStation 5 To Release In Q4 2018 - Digital Foundry

"Q4 2019 is our first viable target for a proper generational leap in console power, but the price of that leap in technology looks daunting. Even in the here and now, the price bubbles in the PC component market are making the high cost of Xbox One X look a lot more attractive," Digital Foundry ponders.

"But a relatively large 7nm processor with an Xbox One X-level cooling solution paired with a big upgrade in RAM and some kind of solid-state storage solution? That's a whole new level of expense - and financial viability more than any other factor may well push the arrival of a next-gen PlayStation or Xbox back to 2020."

So, nothing really new is on the horizon when it comes for the next generation. As many other analysts have stated thus far, Sony and Microsoft will start to consider the launch of more hardware only around the end of next year.

There's apparently no need to rush things up for both the platform holders: Sony has a strong lineup of exclusives launching between this year and the next, so 2020 would look a more believable option from this perspective, too, and Switch's rise could be the sole variable to make them change idea; Microsoft has instead just shipped Xbox One X.

Check the video below for the complete analysis from Digital Foundry.

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