ICE T Hints At Gears of War News Coming This Week - New Game or Gears of War Movie Info?

Big Gears of War News Incoming, says Rapper and actor ICE T

Rapper and actor ICE T has hinted on Twitter at a new announcement coming this week about Gears of War. While it doesn't look likely a sixth game reveals so early in the year, it's possible some interesting news might be coming soon.

"Gamer Stuff: EXCLUSIVE Gears announcement this week. Stay tuned...," ICE T told his followers on Twitter, without providing any specific detail about what this announcement should be about.

Big Gears of War News Incoming, says Rapper and actor ICE T

Anyway, according to Variety – which reported about the tweet among the first -, this might be linked someway to the Gears of War movie that's been announced ages ago and is apparently still in the making.

"So, what does Ice-T's cryptic tease mean? There could be a new game coming. But, it could also be news about the "Gears of War" film in the works at Universal Studios," Variety reports.

"Universal announced last May that it picked "Avatar" writer Shane Salerno to pen the screenplay." That does look like something you would announce out of E3 even though is connected to video games, so Variety could be right on this.

Of course, we'll update you as soon as more details get released. Gears of War 4 is still heavily supported after its original 2016 launch, and if everything goes by plan a new chapter should be preceded by another game in the Halo franchise.

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