Rumor: Pokemon Switch Launches Between November And December 2018, Codenamed Project Beluga

A new rumor about the upcoming and much anticipated first Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch has popped up on the Internet during the last few hours, hinting again at its possible release date.

According to the rumor, which has been dropped by Twitter user Pixelpar, the game should already be in a localization phase and that would mean that it could release as early as between November and December 2018.

Pokemon Switch Releasing In November or December 2018

"For anyone wondering, Pokemon Switch materials have been undergoing localization since late Feb (possibly earlier). I've already had confirmation that it's targeting a 2018 release. Educated guess (based on previous Pokemon localization timing) it should be ready for Nov/Dec," Pixelpar said.

On top of that, the insider also added that the game's been attached with a codename, "Project Beluga," which is the name of a particular type of white whale. "That's all you're getting until the announcement."

While this is nothing particularly new, as previous rumors have already detailed the localization stage the game should be in and Nintendo has multiple times hinted at the 2018 window, it's interesting to see things are reportedly evolving for good.

This means we'll most probably able to learn all the details as early as this E3 2018 in one of the usual Nintendo appointments like Directs and Treehouses. Of course, we'll be here checking the news to update as fast as possible.