Bloomberg: Sony "Did Not Imply PS5 Is 3 Years Away"

PlayStation 5 Is Not Coming In 3 Years

During the last few hours, there's been a lot of discussions about PlayStation planning a new console only in three years, after 2021, which would make for PS4 to have still many years to look ahead.

This statement was apparently provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera during a meeting with investors and analysts, and reported by the renown Wall Street Journal.

PlayStation 5 Is Not Coming In 3 Years

Anyway, it looks like there's someone who was there too and thinks that the way it has been reported doesn't represent a faithful showcase of what Kodera actually meant.

Bloomberg's Yuji Nakamura is that someone and said on Twitter that he does "not agree w/ WSJ here. I also interviewed him and he did not imply PS5 is 3 years away."

"Besides, Sony is forecasting a big drop in PlayStation profit by March 2021. That implies big costs due to new hardware launch. I still see PS5 launching Fall 2020."

2020 is more in line with previous forecasts from analysts such as Michael Pachter, and looks pretty believable. Considering that the slate of PS4 already announced exclusive games could be totally out by that year, it doesn't look that impossible for Sony to just do it by that time.

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