Dev Explains Why There Is No PVP In Anthem, May Look At It After Launch

Everything went perfectly for Bioware and Electronic Arts with respect to the Anthem showing at EA Play 2018. The cinematic and gameplay demo that was showcased at the event was Jaw-Dropping. The details revealed about the game at the conference acted like an icing on the cake. However, not everything went as smooth post the conference. Anthem's executive producer Mark Darrah's statement on PVP (speaking to GameInformer, he stated that there is no PVP in Anthem) has created a small controversy on the internet.

Anthem Dev Address Lack of PVP Controversy

As a damage control, Mark Darrah has issued a clarification via Twitter on PVP in Anthem controversy. When asked by a fan: Can you confirm whether there will be a PVP in Anthem? Darrah replied: "No PVP at launch".

The term "AT LAUNCH" got fans guessing - is this a confirmation from Mark Darrah that Anthem will receive PVP support later? Guess what, without wasting any more time, Darrah issued another clarification: "Well I sure HOPE I didn't do that (confirmed PVP coming to Anthem post-launch). We MAY look at it. Nothing planned yet".

When asked for the reason behind skipping PVP in Anthem at launch? Darrah replied: "It allows us to go broader on gear and weapons with less worries about balance"

So there you have it folks - 1: PVP is not there in ANTHEM. 2: Post-launch PVP support is also not confirmed, the developer might have a look at it, but nothing is planned yet.

This statements of Mark Darrah should put Anthem PVP Controversy to rest. Anthem is scheduled to launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 22, 2019. The game will run at 30FPS on consoles and will support unlocked FPS on PC.

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