Halo Infinite Rumored To Be Releasing Single-Player In 2019, Multiplayer Coming Later

According to a new report from Brad Sams, the executive editor at Thurrott, Halo Infinite could release with only a single-player component in 2019, and adding one year later the iconic multiplayer mode.

Sams has already proved reliable, having revealed the name of the game ahead of its reveal back at the E3 2018, so this information, sure enough, is interesting and comes with a certain degree of credibility.

Halo Infinite Singleplayer Mode Releasing In 2019

"I was a little skeptical on this information until I saw that they were building an entirely new engine for the platform," he writes.

"Knowing this, the staggered release makes a lot more sense as it’s easier to build a single player game than a multiplayer shooter; thus, the single player arrives, they look for potential issues, then release the multiplayer portion of the game."

So the main reason for this staggered release would be the making of the new Slipspace engine, which is apparently taking more time to complete, even though the single-player would drop well before what we were anticipating.

We’ll learn more in the next few months, we guess.

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